Executive Assistant & Legal Coordinator

Company Name:
Jean Kripton Inc.

Executive Assistant & Legal Coordinator

Summary Description:

The Executive Assistant & Legal Coordinator will provide
executive administrative support for the Company's General Counsel (who is also the
Corporate Secretary), the rest of the Company's legal team (currently consisting of
three other attorneys, one paralegal and one law clerk), and other members of Senior
Executive Management as assigned from time to time. The work will involve significant
responsibilities related to performing and coordinating both key day-to-day functions
and important projects primarily related to the production, verification and execution of
contracts and other legal documents and to the associated records management
functions, More specifically, the Legal Coordinator will produce final, executable
contracts under the supervision of the attorneys and paralegal and coordinate the
internal verification, signing and delivery of these documents to our customers and
others. Responsibilities will also include organizing and maintaining all types of legal
files and forms, both electronic and paper. This position will also involve supporting or
carrying out important communications functions, both external and internal across all
the functional areas in the Company.

The person holding this position will report directly to the General Counsel and will also
be subject to direction and supervision by the other attorneys.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Document Production - creating, formatting, revising, comparing, printing and
distributing various documents, including but not limited to correspondence,
contracts, legal and regulatory filings, and various financial and legal reports and
Document Signature - Creating final executable forms of agreements, coordinating
review/approval and signature of such documents, and delivering them either to
internal clients or directly to outside parties.
Record Maintenance - Organizing, labeling, storing/filing and retrieving contracts
and other legal documents using both paper and electronic systems
Meetings - Booking and planning meetings and conference calls for the Legal team
and others, including booking conference rooms and creating agendas.
Form Document "Library" - Coordinating and assisting with the development and
maintenance of a library of standard form documents.
Project Coordination and Tracking - Attending meetings on special projects and
helping to coordinate and track various projects and tasks.
Legal Expense Processing and Tracking - Coordinating and assisting with the
processing of bills from our outside legal counsel and tracking and reporting legal
fees and expenses.
Reports & Presentations - Assisting the members of the Legal Team with the
creation, formatting, production and distribution of various reports and presentations.
Correspondence and Other Communications -- Screening and forwarding or
responding directly to phone calls, emails and other routine correspondence.
Coordinating Travel and External Meeting Attendance - Working with other
executive assistants and members of the legal team to make and/or coordinate travel
arrangements and external meeting attendance, including trade show, seminar and
other event registrations.
Other Tasks and Projects - When, as and if assigned by the General Counsel,
other members of the Legal Team, other members of senior executive management
or the Director of Human Resources.

? At least three (3) years' experience in an administrative/secretarial role in a law
firm or corporate legal department, focused primarily on commercial, financial,
corporate or real estate transactions - as distinguished from litigation, taxation or
other legal specialties.
? Experience in the fields of commercial, construction, real estate or
telecommunications/utilities law and practice would be desirable but not

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